Vol 3, No 1 (2024)

January 2024

Table of Contents


Responsibilities of Notaries Receiving Protocols from Notaries Who Die in Kendal Regency
Al Rijal
Reflecting on the role of BPN in protecting land ownership rights holders above HPL in Batam City
Andre Wahyudi
Juridical Implications of Reducing the Value of Land Purchases and Purchases by Officials Making Land Deeds at the Request of the Parties to Reduce Customs Taxes for Acquisition of Land and Building Rights in Brebes Regency
Anggit Pramesta Wardani Ayuningrum
The Role of the Land Office in Supervising the Making of Land Deeds by Officials Making Temporary Land Deeds in Banyumas Regency
Annisa Rahmalia Yulianto
Juridical Review of the Legal Status of Binding Agreements for the Sale and Purchase of Land Rights Under Hands That Have Been Waarmerking (Case Study of Supreme Court Decision Number 08 K/Tun/2013)
Muhammad Avisina
The Role of Notaries in Agreements Made by Individual Companies with Other Parties
Fina Adinda Mulia
Juridical Analysis of the Use of Barcodes in Notarial Deeds in Order to Improve Security Aspects
Kharisma Adelia Riqoyani
The Strength Of A Deed Of Consent Roya As A Substitute For A Lost Certificate Of Mortgage Rights In Demak District
Maghfiroh Aini
Notary's Responsibility for Forgery of Inheritance Certificate Documents by Heirs
Nurlatifah Dini
Juridical Analysis of Transfer of Land Rights Through a Deed of Sale and Purchase to Minors
Perwira Fikri Syahnarki
Responsibilities of Land Deed Drafting Officials (PPAT) for Making Deeds of Sale and Purchase of Joint Property Objects Transferred Without Wife's Consent
Sheila Hanifa Rosi Ayu
Werda Notary's Responsibility for the Loss of Minutes of the Deed He Made
Siska Nur Utami
Legal Protection for Owners of Land Rights in the Process of Changing Names After the Burning of the Brebes Regency Land Office
Wina Wulandari
Legal Consequences of Signing a Deed of Grant of Land Rights outside the Position of the Land Deed Official (PPAT)
Yustica Shophia Noor Tsalatsa
Legal Protection for Creditors with Fiduciary Guarantees in Credit Agreements
Alex Komang
Validity of an Authentic Deed Signed Without Being Read and Outside Notary Office Hours
Yoga Darmawan
Problems with Officials Making Land Deeds in Collecting Fees for Acquisition of Land and Building Rights in Tegal City
Cipto Hariyono
The Role of the Regional Notary Honorary Council in Guiding and Supervising the Notary Code of Ethics in Pekanbaru City
Arik Pujiono
Responsibilities of Land Deed Drafting Officials (PPAT) for Sale and Purchase Deeds Made Without Checking the Certificate at the Land Office
Ahmadianto Saputro
Validity of Electronic Signatures in Making Notarial Deeds in a Positive Legal Perspective in Indonesia
Bella Fardela
Principles of Recognizing Service Users for PPAT According to ATR/KBPN Ministerial Regulation Number 21 of 2022
Muhammad Farhan Ahsani
Analysis of the Position of Wills as an Effort to Anticipate Disputes over the Distribution of Inheritance Assets
Agus Hiftirul Aziz
Notary's Responsibility For Deeds That Are Not Read, Position Of The Deed And Sanctions For Notaries Who Do Not Read The Deed They Have Made
Mulyo Pranoto
Legal Position of Power of Attorney Imposing Mortgage Rights in Subsidized Home Ownership Credit Facilities
Muh Rozaqi
Legal Protection for Creditors in Credit Agreements for Mortgage Objects if the Debtor Defaults (Case Study at the BRI Majalengka Branch Office)
Yulia Susilawati
Rechtvacuum in the Regulation of Property Rights on Basement Spaces in Jakarta
Marfu'atun Marfu'atun
Legal Efforts to Settle the Problem of Transfer of Home Ownership Credit Under Hand Between the Debtor and a Third Party (Case Study Decision Number 61/Pdt.P/2022/PN.Kdi)
Fitrawati Fitrawati
Legal Implications of the Signing of a Power of Attorney Deed Imposing Mortgage Rights which are Not Done in the Presence of a Notary
Muhammad Idam Kholiq
Elimination of Mortgage Rights on Property Rights Due to Land Acquisition for Public Interest at the Directorate of Land Procurement and Reservation Development
Mohamad Burhanuddin
Legal Protection for Debtors in Credit Agreements with Mortgage Guarantees Accompanied by the Power to Sell at PT. BPR Pasar Boja, Semarang City Branch
Doni Catur Saefudin
Roles and Responsibilities of Notaries in Making Deeds of Grant Agreements for Land That Have Not Been Certified
Deliana Praptaningrum
Rechtvacuum in protection for notaries in carrying out their duties in Batam City
Sumarno Sumarno
The Position of the Head of Heir Mamak and His Authority in the Scope of Traditional Heirloom Land in the Minangkabau Indigenous Community in West Sumatra
Nalardi Nalardi
The Role of Notaries in Making Deeds of Changes to Land Rights That Have Not Been Certified
Rohmatika Puspita Husadawati Pertiwi
Responsibilities of a Notary in Making a Will for the Gift of Body Organs Made in His Presence
Susilawati Susilawati
The Role of Notaries in BUMD Agreements with Work Partners: Efforts to Ensure Legal Certainty
Didik Pramono
Juridical Study of Legal Certainty in Determining Land Prices in the Implementation of Land Sale and Purchase Agreements According to the Land Sale and Purchase Deed and Determination of the Batam City Regional Revenue Agency
Deni Kurniawan
Legal Uncertainty in Legal Protection for Notaries Holding Protocols from Notaries Making Protocols Who Have Died in Tegal City
Mohamad Zamzuri
The Role of the Notary in Preventing and Overcoming Mistakes in Van Omstandigheden Made by Housing Developers in Home Purchase and Sale Credit Agreements through the Developer
Akhmad Bagus Faizal
Juridical Implications for Notaries Who Commit Malpractice in Making Authentic Deeds in Kendal Regency
M. Irwan Ardiansah
Effectiveness of Implementing First Time Land Registration Through the Complete Systematic Land Registration Program in Kalang Lundo Village, Ngaringan District, Grobogan Regency
Solekah Istiana
The Function of A Notary Position in The Legal Contract in Bangladeshi Industry
Mousume Akter Misty, Achmad Arifullah