Responsibilities of Notaries Receiving Protocols from Notaries Who Die in Kendal Regency

Al Rijal


Notary Protocol is a collection of documents which constitute State archives which must be kept and maintained by a Notary in accordance with statutory provisions. As an important document belonging to the State which functions as evidence, the Notary's protocol should be properly maintained. The storage of Notarial protocols by the Notary holding the protocol is an effort to maintain the legal age of the Notarial deed as perfect evidence for the parties or their heirs regarding all matters contained in the deed. The position of Protocol Recipient is only for those who have resigned, retired or died.

Based on the results of this research, the responsibility of the Notary receiving the protocol from a Notary who died in Kendal Regency. The Notary receiving the protocol in Kendal Regency is only responsible for storing and properly maintaining the Protocol he received and to provide information regarding the protocol in his control, because this is wrong. one responsibility of the recipient of the notary protocol, however the notary recipient of the protocol will still be summoned for information if there are problems


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