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Land of life man have function important, therefore law on duty give protection law and certainty law for buyer land. deep ground state dispute often give problem to buyer minimal land existing land status information. Soin fact practice sell buy soil often ignore protection existing consumers. Sofrom that writing article iuni aim for discuss The Relevance of the Value of Justice In Protection Consumers On Selling Buy Land. As for writing this use method juridical sociological. Based on studies carried out found data in the form of protection to buyers who have do repayment in sell buy troubled land not yet fair Thing this because culture law from sellers who often do n't honest related to land status, and the existence of party related third with accompanying seller demand rights on something land that also comes harmful party buyer. Existence effort through judiciary in its development quite old and expensive. Consequence Not guaranteed certainty law and protection law for buyer troubled land in the end will hurt principle destination law according to Islam and at the same time the mandate of Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, p this already goods tntu will violate Justice social for whole Indonesian people.

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