Authority of Local Governments in Empowering Intellectual Property Products of Small Medium Enterprises For Economic Improvement in The Era of Disruption

Anis Mashdurohatun, Gunarto Gunarto


This study aims to examine and analyze the authority of local governments in empowering the Intellectual Property of SME products in order to increase the economy in the era of disruption. This study uses a social legal research approach. The data used are primary and secondary data. Analysis of the data was done descriptively analytical. The theory used is the theory of authority and the theory of the legal system. The results of the study found that the authority of local governments in empowering Intellectual Property of SMEs products legally has been regulated in local government laws, the Job Creation Law and the Law on MSMEs, while improving the economy in the era of disruption needs to be strengthened in digital data collection, assistance and registration of IPR for SME products in particular, funding and strengthening technology and markets for SME products and Optimization of the IKM E-Smart Program.


Authority; Empowerment; SMEs; disruption.

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