State Protection In Fulfillment Of Right To Health Based On Constitution Of Timor Leste

Seguito Monteiro


The state's protection of the rights of public health is constitutionally obligatory. The government is obliged to provide adequate health services, and the community is entitled to protection as an inherent right. Therefore, the protection and health insurance for everyone is at the forefront of which Article 2 (paragraphs 1-5) states that Health protection is the right of all individuals and society, which is realized with the shared responsibility of citizens, society and the state, thus the duty of the State to protect health consists of formulating and implementing economic, social and environmental policies aimed at promoting, preventing, maintaining, treating and rehabilitate health, through the establishment of conditions aimed at and ensuring risk reduction and access to care, within the limitations of available human, technical and financial resources, as well as carrying out public health promotion and defense carried out by the State and other public entities, and civil society organizations can be associated with those activities, with the provision of health care carried out by State services or other public bodies, or, under their license and supervision, by private bodies with or without a profit motive and the latter's duty of the State does not exclude the duties of persons, individuals or collectives, and society in general.


State Protection; Rights Fulfillment; Health; Law Enforcement.

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