Inovasi pengelolaan pembelajaran PAI di era disrupsi

Khoirul Anwar Ali


The development of information and communication technology forces us to prepare ourselves for an innovation in facing changes in the disruption era. Globalization and disruption are terms that contain conditions as an effect of the development of science and technology. Along with this changes , finally having an impact where everyone must be able to innovate in order to show their expertise and self-skills to  survive in the era of disruption. Each time successive television advertisment offers online products in all lines of life including in the field of current education. Ads "teacher's room" always appears at any time to learn independently through the application. Seeing this reality, the management of PAI learning cannot be silent, but must innovate. The use of technology in learning of PAI in the disruption era is the solution. Researchers will use this library research method to present innovations in the management of PAI learning in the era of disruption as an effort to block the onslaught of technology.

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