HubunganTriple Helix, Inovasi, Keunggulan Bersaing dan Kinerja

Asyhari -, Wasitowati -


Creative industries have a large enough contribution to the development of the national economy, particularly employment and raise incomes masyarakat.Permasalahan facing the creative industries are still many, especially the ability to innovate and the competitiveness is still weak, so the impact on performance. This study aims to examine the role of the Triple Helix (intellectual, government, business) to improve innovation capability and competitive advantage creative industry. The total sample of 115 respondents were focused on craft and fashion sector in Central Java, as well as methods of sampling using purposive sampling,  the  data  obtained  will  be  processed  using  the  program  Partial  Least Square   (PLS).   The   results   showed   three   actors   Triple   Helix   (intellectual, government, business) significantly affects the ability of innovation and competitive advantage.  Likewise,  innovation  and  competitive  advantage  are  also  significant effect on performance.  
Keywords: Triple Helix, Innovation, Competitive Advantage, Performance

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