Building Students’ Character Through Integrated Teaching Learning Activities at Madrassa

Haryanto Haryanto, Akhirin Akhirin


This research aimed to describe students’ character building through integrated teaching learning activities, supporting factors, and obstacles during the process. This research was conducted at Madrassa Aliyah Hasyim Asy’ari, Bangsri District, Jepara, Indonesia. It uses descriptive qualitative method with a case study approach. Data were collected through interview, observation, and document. Results shows that character education at Madrassa aimed at reaching pious and having good characters and morals of students. Planning of character education is integrated in teaching and learning activities through the material of Islamic education on salaf books such as books of Jalalain, Bulugul Maram (al-Qur’an and al-Hadits lesson), Ta’lim Muta’alim (Al-Aqidah and Akhlaq), concept of Nahdlatul ‘Ulama (mujjah Ahlusunnah waljamaah). Actuating is through customising prayer, sholawat, praying together, social donation by students’ school organization, commemoration of Islamic Days, dhuha prayer, and maximizing role of guidance and counseling. The evaluation is conducted by observing the students’ behavior in journal of negative and positive behaviors. Supporting factors are the existence of ‘Ulama and Islamic scholars, the environment of boarding school, students’ confidence, and teachers’ trust. Obstacles are traumatic feeling of students, students’ openness, and lack of motivation, family problem, and environment.  
Keywords: character, building, teaching, learning, school

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