Religious Values in “Kapas-Kapas di Langit” Novel by Piepiet Senja and Its Implementation on Bahasa Indonesia Learning In Senior High School

Turahmat Turahmat, Oktarina Puspita Wardan, M. Rashif Aufa


Values contained in “Kapas-Kapas di Langit” novel by Pipit Senja could influence student’s character. Curriculum 2013 applied in schools requires teachers to build students character with learning materials. One of values from character education that have been given in school is religious value. It underlie this article about religious values in “Kapas-Kapas di Langit” novel by Pipit Senja and its implementation on learning in schools. Result of this research was implemented in Bahasa Indonesia learning material arrangement on theme of extrinsic and intrinsic elements of novel. Statement of problems in this research was that how the relevance of character education values in “Kapas-Kapas di Langit” novel by Pipit Senja on Bahasa Indonesia learning in schools is. Purpose of this research was to describe the implementation of “Kapas-Kapas di Langit” by Pipit Senja on Bahasa Indonesia learning in schools. This research used qualitative research method. Intrinsic elements of the novel could be implemented by using the result of the research as a media to find moral messages from the novel. The media from the research result could be used as an example for students when they were assigned to find moral values/messages from other novels.  
Keywords: religious value, novel, Bahasa Indonesia Learning

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