The Modeling of Micro Business Assistance by The Larger Business in The Cooperation Agency and Msme In Semarang

Dedi Rusdi, Khoirul Fuad


This study aims to formulate a model of micro business assistance by a larger business in Semarang City. This model is useful for empowering micro business to grow as a form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of medium and large business. Based on the previous research roadmap, it shows that many micro businesses are "dead" at a young age because of their lack of understanding at conducting good business. A microbusiness needs coaching and mentoring by a larger enterprise and its related types of business. Specific targets to be achieved are identifying micro-business problems and identifying solutions of mentoring by larger business. The sampling was done by purposive sampling technique i.e. sampling technique which is based on certain relevant criteria. This research used mixed method i.e. qualitative and quantitative. To know the effect of micro business mentoring by larger business, it used multiple linear regression analysis tools. The data of this research were obtained by using survey with the assistance of questionnaire and in-depth interview to micro business actors and big business actors selected in Semarang city.This research found that to improve micro business performance, it needs sustainable training skill management, and the help of flexible modal availability. This research also found that training skill management, modal availability, business training, business innovation development, marketing assistance, and micro business mentoring have positive effect on micro business performance. This empowerment model is expected to improve micro business performance at the Cooperation Agency and SME in Semarang. Keywords: Micro Business Training, Performance

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