The Behavior of River Use Towards Leptospirosis

Iskim Luthfa, Moch. Aspihan, Swastika Dwi Saptarini


The incidence rate of leptospirosis disease is estimated to increase every year, one of the causal factors is the behavior of river water usage. Demak Regency is an area with high leptospirosis incidence, this is because the local community culture is still utilizing river water which has been contaminated leptospira bacteria to meet daily needs. The purpose of this study to determine the relationship between the behavior of river water use with the incidence of leptospirosis.  This research method is an observational analit by case control study. The study sample was divided into 2 groups, with 34 case respondents and 34 control group respondents. Samples were taken by using simple random sampling technique. Data analysis using Chi Square. The results showed p value of 0.000 (<0,05) and value of Odd Ratio (OR) equal to 9,257 (CI: 95%). In conclusion, there is a relationship between the behavior of river water use and the incidence of leptospirosis, where respondents using river water have an opportunity 9.25 times affected leptospirosis. Keywords: Behavior, Water River, Leptospirosis.

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