Islamic Education Policy Strategy in Indonesia's Digital Era

Evi Satispi, Taufiqurokhman Taufiqurokhman


This writing presents an Islamic education policy strategy in the digital era. The digital era or more often called the Globalization era or the fourth industrial era has brought many changes in various aspects human life, including in Islamic education. This writing presents how the policy of Islamic education policy in Indonesia. From the start of the need for curriculum change to the digital library. Islamic education as a national education subsystem needs to deal with and implement comprehensive and sustainable steps, in examining the various opportunities and challenges of the digital era in order to strengthen its existence and role in generating a generation that is full of innovation and intellectual, spiritual, moral and social and creative excellence . Therefore the digital era is a worldwide era. So that the preparation of quality and potential Human Resources must be prepared in its entirety. Keywords: Islamic Education Policy Strategy, in the Digital Era

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