Caring of Acute Deterioration Patient in Term of Leadership Ability Among Nurses at Selected Islamic Hospital

Ahmad Ikhlasul Amal, Suyanto Suyanto, Retno Setyawati, Moh Arifin Noor, Indah Sri Wahyuningsih, Fitria Endah Janitra, Dyah Wiji Puspita Sari


Patients with acute illness always seek for help and put their trust in the professionals caring for them. Nurses as first responder of acute patient deterioration in should treat the patients within the golden hour of emergency care. Nurses in medicalsurgical ward need to be ready as a team leader for every condition of patient with risk of acute deterioration. The goal for this study was to determine the leadership ability among nurses in caring of acute deterioration patient at medical surgical wards. Descriptive quantitative design was used for this study. It was conducted in Sultan Agung Islamic Hospital at Semarang City Indonesia. A total of 79 respondents involved using purposive sampling technique. Majority of the nurses or 50.6% were have high level of leadership ability caring of acute deterioration patient. Basic Life Support certification and involved in emergency episode were significant predictors of nurses leadership ability. Although nurses felt highly level of leadership ablities, development and improvement is needed to gain the advance or very high competency of caring acute deterioration in medical surgical wards. Furthur research need to be conducted to seek the effectivity of advance training in caring acute deterioration patient.  Keywords: Leadership Ability, Acute Deterioration Patient, Nurse

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