Description of The Meaning of Life of Women Commercial Sex Workers in Semarang

Dwi Heppy Rochmawati, Indra Tri Astuti


Every person wants to live in kindness, with a partner who is responsible. Farewell in the household becomes painful and forces one to take action to maintain life. Working as a commercial sex worker was a compulsion that was finally chosen because there was no other way to support the family after separation. The purpose of this study was to find out the meaning of the lives of women commercial sex workers. This research method uses analytical descriptive quantitative research design, with a total sample of 150 respondents taken in total sampling. Data collection was carried out using a demographic questionnaire and the meaning of life. Based on the results obtained by the respondents, most of them were 20-25 years old, namely 39 people (26%), 63 elementary school students (42%), working as commercial sex workers because of the economic demands of 81 people (54%) and long working more than 1 year as many as 89 people (59.3%). Has the meaning of moderate life as many as 99 people (66%).  Keywords: Meaning of Life, Women, Commercial Sex Workers

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