Drill Strategy in Memorizing Short Surah Of Holy Qur’an Of The 3rd Graders Of SD Labschool FIP UMJ

Siska Kusumawardani, Zaitun Zaitun


This research is aimed to describe the effectiveness of ‘Drill Strategy’ in memorizing short surah of holy Qur’an given to the 3rd graders of SD Lab-school FIP UMJ. The study was conducted for about 3 months through observation and interview. The qualitative method was applied in this study. A total number of 22 students on the third grade and 1 class teacher participated as the objects of the research. The results of the study revealed that ‘Drill Strategy’ was effective in teaching the students how to memorize short surah of holy Qur’an without looking at the background of the students. In the average, the students were able to memorize 25 short surah of holy Qur’an during those 3 months.  Keywords: Drill strategy, effectiveness, short surah of holy Quran

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