The Implementation of Scratch Application in Mathematics Learning

Sri Imawati, M. Arif Shubchan


This research entitled the implementation of scratch application in mathematics learning. This research is motivated by various kinds of problems related to the students’s difficulty to understand mathematics and the students who quickly feel bored with the monotonous learning media. This study aims to determine whether scratch application is able to help in facilitating the students in learning process. The method used in this study is qualitative descriptive with a case study approach. The sample in this study is  4.2 grade students of  Labschool FIP-UMJ primary school in Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta. Data collection techniques used in this study are observation, interviews, and field notes. Based on the data obtained, the finding of the research showed that the use of the scratch application as a learning media proved to be effective in helping students to understand the mathematics subjects. The finding of this study are expected to be the benefit to the parties involved in it, especially in the education field. Keywords: Scratch application, Math, Qualitative method

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