Hydroterapy in Influencing The Changes of Elderly Blood Pressure

Nutrisia Nu’im Haiya, Iwan Ardian, Iskim Luthfa


Introduction: Hypertension is a disease mostly experienced by the elderly. To relive the high blood pressure, most patients consume chemical drugs. If it is done in a long period, it will cause some side effect. Hydrotherapy is a method to reduce blood pressure by soaking the feet with warm water and salt. This method is considered to be able to increase vessel circulation and reduce blood pressure. Research method, This Research uses Quesi experiment without control group design. 31 respondents as the research sample were taken purposively. The respondents were given the mixture of soaking warm water and salt for 5 times in 5 weeks. Data analysis is done by the Wilcoxon test. The results of the study, statistically based on the results of the Wilcoxon test showed that p value 0.002 is smaller than 0.05. Conclusion, hydrotherapy gives impact on blood pressure reduction in the elderly in Bangetayu Wetan. Key words: Hidrotheraphi, blood pressure, elderly

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