The Concept of Character Values in Curicullum 2013: An Islamic Perspective

Andarini Permata Cahyaningtyas


The Curriculum 2013 has undergone several revisions to be more perfect to be applied in elementary schools. One of the characteristics in Curriculum 2013 is the existence of character education that is implicitly embodied in daily learning, which the goal is the creation of a character society in the future by instilling character values in children from an early age in the present. The last revision of the 2013 curriculum is in 2017 where there are changes in the five values of priority characters, namely religious, integrity, nationalist, mutual cooperation, and independent. The five character values above are actually also the values contained in Islamic values that have been taught long ago. These values are stated in the Al-Qur'an, Hadith, and the fatwa of scholars in Indonesia. The values of the teaching of goodness can be the basis for the formation of children's morality in the future.

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