Primary School Services Quality in Border Area of Indonesia – Malaysia

Retnowati WD Tuti, Mawar Mawar, Nida Handayani, Muhammad Sahrul


The highest quality services in Elementary School of Border Area of Indonesia – Malaysia, found in Sekayam District, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan Province, namely Paus-22, a  State Elementary School.  Within an hour, new student enrolment can be fulfilled its quota in that school. The research analysis uses Parasuraman's opinions with the following indicators: Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Emphaty.  Research Approach ; Qualitative, with Descriptive Method. Data Collection Techniques  : Interview, observation, and documentation. Informant Selection Techniques: Purposive. Data Analysis using Miles and Huberman. Data Validity Test with Triangulation. Discussion: Primary Schools in Priority Locations should receive great attention from the Regional Government and from the Central Government, because competing directly with schools from neighbouring country Malaysia, and quality must be maintained. Research results: Tangibles: new classrooms assisted by the Government through e-Takola, but there are no libraries and official resident, lack of teaching aids; Reliability: Lack of teacher’s training, Responsiveness: responsive, Assurance: trusted by the community; Emphaty: people empathize with teachers. Conclusion: Learning services are quite good, facilities and infrastructure services need to be improved. Recommendation: Local government should: Increase cooperation between SKPD (Dinas PU and Dinas Pendidikan Kebudayaan); Exploring the company's CSR; Inviting Universities for Community Services and Internships.
Keywords : Service Quality, Border Area

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