Telemedicine For Diabetes Mellitus Management in Community

Iskim Luthfa


Background, the increasing of diabetes mellitus (DM) in the community requires more effective and efficient treatment. Telemedicine is an application of electronic, computer and telecommunication technology used to exchange health information over long distances. This application aims to assist the implementation of health care procedures and improve health services to the society, both at the community health center and related health offices. Objective, to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of telemedicine systems in managing diabetes self management in the community. The method used in this writing is study of literature. The literature used is related journals that have been published by the institution Local and international journals. The stage done is collecting related journals, review of journals and discussions. Results, Telemedicine system at the Community Health Center basically only requires a set of computers connected to the internet, and a person in charge of operating it. The person is in charge of linking the telemedicine system in the Community Health Center with the Telemedicine system from the Regional Health Office. The person has a password to be able to access the PTM Portal owned by the Regional Health Office, and enter the latest findings of patients who go to the Community Health Center and diagnose diabetes mellitus. The data can be reported weekly / monthly.  Telemedicine system has the potential to be applied to the management of diabetes mellitus because it is considered effective and acceptability. The system that has been used in the Community Health Center includes: 1) Telemedicine System for management of TB control, 2) Telemedicine system for monitoring disease status & handling outbreaks 3) Telemedicine systems for electronic prescription (e-Prescription System), 4) Telemedicine System for Emergency Room (ER), Facility Management 5) Mobile Telemedicine System with multi communication link. Keywords: Telemedicine, diabetes self management, community

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