The Implementation of Fall Risk Assesment With Patients Safety Incidents In Islamic Hospital of Sultan Agung Semarang

Lilik Muhibatul Mila, Dyah Wiji Puspita Sari, Rita Kartikasari


Implementation of the risk of a fall vote is an implementation that would reduce the risk of falls so that the patient can feel safety, comfort and safety. The purpose of this study to identify there a relationship between the implementation of fall risk assessment with patient safety incidents. The number of respondents 81 nurses with randome proportionate sampling techniques in the inpatient unit RSISA Semarang. This research method using quantitative methods. The data collection is done by observation. Based on this research, the data is processed using Spearman test showed a majority of caregivers to implement management fall risk assessment and a little patient safety incidents. The implications of this research, there is a significant relationship anatara fall risk assessment exercise with patient safety incidents in the inpatient ward RSISA Semarang. Keywords: Fall risk assessment, patients safety incidents

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