Stakeholder Perception of Student’s Teaching Practice and Community Service in Songkhla Thailand

Santi Lisnawati, Nadeeyah Tehmadma


As students in Higher Education, practice ‏ their
‏ knowledge in the real world and community service have to get by students. They do not only know theoretical but also how to applicated it or implemented in a real situation. This paper describes stakeholder perception on student's teaching practice and community service in Songkhla Thailand, exactly in Banna, Chana District. The method research that used is the qualitative method. Information in this research is headmaster, supervisor, teacher, and community. The data activity teaching practice and community service in Songkhla since 2015 until 2017. The result showed that the stakeholder appreciates the whole student's activities. There are four dimensions that stakeholder perception. 1) teaching activities, 2) social activities in school, 3) social activities in the community, 4) participation in school and community programs. The average score stakeholder perception of teaching practice and community service are good. The students have a big problem in communication with the Thai language,  so helpful people can speak in Malay, English or Arabic. For the next program, students should have more prepared for the Thai language for the simple communication.    Keywords: perception, teaching practice, community service.

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