History and New Paradigm of Islamic Higher Education in Facing Global Competition

Syafhendry Syafhendry, Setyo Utomo


The presence of globalization that gave rise to fundamental changes in all sectors of people's lives requires adjustment, not least for the Islamic higher education in Indonesia. Islamic higher education is expected to be able to compete to create quality human resources capable of competing with other higher education graduates. Although this adjustment is not an easy thing for Islamic higher education generally to adjust to global demands and developments, because Islamic higher education experiences a difficult situation. Pinched in a conflict between maintaining the Islamic scientific tradition and the demands of the problem of modernity that requires competence and professionalism according to the needs of the modern system. So that inevitably Islamic higher education must carry out major reforms in its education system, in order to maintain the tradition of Islamic studies on the one hand and at the same time try to create competitive human resources. Keywords: Islamic universities, global competition, education reform

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