The Integration of Character Values on Science Process of Students in SDN-8 Langkai, Palangkaraya City

Rita Rahmaniati


The issue of education today requires a learning that is able to build the character values within the student. Many students succeed cognitively, but they are weak in character (moral). This fact might be caused by the current learning that is dominated by cognitive achievement and ignoring the character values. A strategy to build the character values is through the integration of character values into the science learning (science process). This study aimed to 1) describe the implementation of the science process, 2) describe the character values in the science process, and 3) describe the students' responses after received learning the science process with character values in SDN-8 Langkai, Palangkaraya City. Aiming to measure the achievement of the research indicators, the research was conducted using the principles of qualitative research. The result showed that the average score of the science process implementation in SDN 8 Langkai had a good category; the overall of character values showed the development category and the students showed a positive response. In sum, the integration of character values into the science process had achieved.  Keywords: Integration, Character Values, Science Processes.

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