Policy Required to Halal Product Certification in Indonesia

T.Riza Zarzani N, Irwan Jasa Tarigan


In This paper aims to examine the importance of the mandatory of halal product certification policy in Indonesia. This paper consists of four sections, the first part discusses the importance of consuming halal products, the second part discusses the mandatory policy of halal certification, the third part discusses about the differences in halal certification obligations and halal labeling, and the fourth part is the conclusions. The description of this paper will provide an overview that before the enactment of Law No. 33 of 2014 concerning Guarantees of Halal Products, there were no standard provisions regarding halal certification obligations, only those with appeal and halal certification were carried out with their respective awareness from producers. With the birth of the Halal Product Guarantee Act, all food, beverage, cosmetics and medicine products are required to carry out halal certification. Keywords: Mandatory, Certification, Halal Products

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