Analysis of The Role of Higher Education in The Development of Pedagogic Competence of Madrasah Teachers Through The Learning of School Garden

Salati Asmahasanah, Maemunah Sa’diyah, Ibdalsyah Ibdalsyah


The purpose of this study is to describe the role of university in the world of education through the development of pedagogic competence for teachers. The use of the natural environment becomes a learning medium that can improve teacher competency in teaching and developing the creativity and independence of teachers in managing learning. Cultivate students to love the environment and enjoy farming since childhood. This study uses qualitative research. The method used is descriptive. Data collection in this study is through interviews, observation, and documentation studies. The objects in this study are teacher  of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Mathlaul Anwar and Misbahul Islam in the district area in the foot of the mountain Salak, Taman Sari sub-district, Bogor Regency. The results of the first study, the role of university in improving pedagogic competence is as a facilitator in socializing the school garden learning model through learning workshops and assisting teachers in developing learning tools and training teaching skills starting from opening to closing learning. Second, pedagogic competence of teachers is increasingly trained in implementing learning planning, implementation and evaluation. Third, school garden is used by teachers as natural laboratories or environment-based learning media.Fourth, providing quality time for teachers and students in togetherness and educating students to appreciate plants, farmers and food more.  Keywords: Higher Education, Pedagogical Competence, School garden

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