Enhanced Learning Outcomes Using Interactive Edutainment Learning Method

Chandra Anugrah Putra


This study aims to determine the improvement of learning outcomes of students science by using interactive edutainment learning method. The result of learning activities that have been done for three cycles, it can be concluded that the process of learning implementation using this method. These improvements can be seen from the learning outcomes of learners, especially in science learning. In cycle I the average score of learners that is 50.7 with 85% classical completeness and increased in cycle II with an average value of 68.14 and 100% classical completeness. Learning activities of learners in science lesson by using Edutainment Interactive Learning Method is more active. There is improvement of learning outcomes of learners in science subjects by using Interactive Learning Edutainment Method.
Keywords: Learning Outcomes, Interactive, Edutainment

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