Motivation to Educate Lecturers in the Islamic Religion Faculty of Muhammadiyah University of Sumatera Utara

Gunawan Gunawan, Robie Fanrenza


This study aims to determine the work ethic that is owned by the teaching staff in the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra, about granting certification. Therefore, the method used in this study is qualitative with descriptive analysis. So, researchers want to see whether there is an increase in the work or discipline of lecturers in educating students, towards the certification given. To get the file, the researcher distributed questionnaires to lecturers or teaching staff in the Islamic Faculty, Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra. From the results of the questionnaires that have been distributed, it can be concluded that there is an influence of incentives on the performance of staff of lecturers in the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra. There is an incentive given, increasing the work ethic of the teaching staff, and increasing the discipline that has. During the certification given, the teaching staff also continue to try to maximize the performance they have, so that the existing work will be completed in a timely manner.

Keywords: Motivation, educating and certification

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