Understanding and Attitude of Students on Islamic Life Values in Students in Islamic Higher Education

Ilham Khairi Siregar, Dony Darma Sagita


The study describes the understanding and attitudes of students about the values of the Islamic life of the Muhammadiyah people who are organized in the Muhammadiyah Citizens' Islamic Life Guidelines (PHI-WM) in accordance with the paradigm of this century, namely "Building Indonesian Character Progress". This study uses the services of Islamic Civil Society (ICS) Group Discusion (GD). The research method used was Pre-Experiment with the design of One Group Pretest-Posttest Design. The results of this study are an increase in understanding and attitudes of students after being given ICS-GD services. This increase shows that ICS-GD services are effective in improving students' understanding and attitudes about the values of Islamic life.
Keywords: Islamic Civil Society (ICS), Character Building

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