Case Study: Overview of the Initial Stage of the Implementation of Non-Communicable Diseases Integrated Service Post (POSBINDU PTM) at Glugur Darat Health Center Medan in 2014

Siti Khodijah Parinduri, Andreanda Nasution


Diabetes is one of non communicable diseases (NCD) when glucose in blood higher than in usual. According to WHO (2010) more than 220 million people in the world suffer diabetes at 2004, WHO predict that it will increase twice of the death cause diabetes in 2005-2030 and Indonesia becoming the seventh country (IDF, 2013) of the largest diabetes number in the world. Non Communicable Diseases Integrated Service Post (NCDISP) program is a national program for solving NCD, diabetes as one of main focus diseases, by using  prevention and promotion approach.This research was qualitative researches that aim to see the implementation of NCDISP program in early detection and complication prevention of diabetes at Glugur Darat Health Center. Informants of this research amounted to 6 informant, consisting of head, staff, leader of citizen,  and citizen at Glugur Darat Health Center. The result showed that NCDISP program was supported by the citizen, the equipment that already support the program, the donor and good cooperation among all sector, good participation from citizen and the responsibility of the staff for implementing this program are showed. Innovating and monitoring the program is an important things to save the continuity and quality of the implementation. Keywords: POSBINDU PTM, Glugur Darat Health Center, implementation

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