Educational Resolution and Reformulation Through Higher Education Based on Multiple Intelligence and Its Implications on The Creation of Quality HR

Nella Lucky


Education is the most decisive mediator for a nation's growth and development. Education that is built on a fragile foundation will produce a fragile nation and vice versa. An emphasis on the intellectual question on the cognitive aspect is an education system that puts focus on value. This sometimes results in damage to the moral order because students are measured not based on morals but based on the ability to answer questions. Weakness of intelligence that only relies on cognitive abilities can be seen with various problems. Through the synthesis-analysis approach this paper offers a new method in the world of education that measures individual quality on the basis of multiple-intelligence. Students are born according to their skills, interests and talents with pre-presumption that students are quality creatures according to their respective standards. Multiple intelligence moves from the initial understanding that students have abilities that are not possessed by others. This assumption departs from the pre-understanding that all students are qualified. Multiple-intelligence-based schools try to find out where the talents of students and not measure the extent of student intelligence in the hope that this paper can be the answer to some of the problems around the world of education that have existed so far.

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