Analysis of Factors Associated with Subjective Fatigue Among Motorcycle Drivers in Online Ojek

Luqman Effendi, Tryana Syadiah


Background: The number of deaths from traffic accidents is fifth level in Indonesia. 72% traffic accidents in Indonesia involving motorcycles according data in 2011. Fatigue is one of the causes of motorcycle accidents. The development of online ojek is quite rapid and is dominated by motorbikes as a means of transportation so that this development requires attention especially concerning the safety of passengers and their own drivers. The purpose of this study aims to analyze several factors related to subjective fatigue among motorcycle drivers on online ojek. Methods: The study was conducted in Bekasi in 2017 using quantitative methods and cross-sectional research designs. The populations in this study were all motorcycle drivers on online ojek with a sample of 106 respondents taken by accidental sampling technique. Subjective fatigue is measured by the Industrial Fatigue Research Committee (IFRC). The analysis was carried out by univariate and bivariate using Chi-Square Test (X²) Results: The level of subjective fatigue is at low level (50.9%), moderate (42.5%), and only 6.6% at high levels. Respondents were more than 35 years of age, worked less than 10 hours, slept less than 8 hours, had no disease history, and made online ojek as their main job. The results of the bivariate analysis found of disease history that was significantly associated with subjective fatigue (p = 0.011, OR = 0.3; CI 95% = 0.1-0.7), while the other variables were not related even though the analysis of cross tables there is a tendency to relate. Conclusions and Suggestions: Disease history is a protective factor for the occurrence of subjective fatigue among motorbike drivers on online ojek, so increased awareness of prevention efforts must continue to be encouraged because the results of this study indicate that the community has just behaved healthily after they are sick.

Keywords: subjective fatique, motorcycle driver, online ojek, traffic accident

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