Changing Uncondusive Working Culture in Islamic Higher Education Institution to be Learning Organization

Hidayatus Sholihah


Some Islamic Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia  share common problem in leadership and management quality. They need to improve their culture becomes more condusive and healthier culture to increase their capacity to face the challenge in the global world.The purpose of this paper is to analyze how Islamic higher education institutions can be better learning organization  by  focusing on improving their culture in order to be able to facilitate team learning.  What culture that needs to be changed and what leadership style that is appropriate to support the culture change is discussed and suggested. Seniority culture is analized as the culture that should be shaped into collegial culture to  encourage and motivate the teaching staffs of these Islamic higher education institutions to learn in team and share their vision. Democratic style of Islamic leadership is encouraged to create collegial culture that  facilitate team learning. Then, open communication among lecturers and between seniors and juniors lecturers are encouraged by conducting leadership training, out bond training and also conducting a regular discussion forum to share knowledge, skills and expertise among seniors and juniors lecturers. Keywords: Changing culture, Seniority, Collegial, Learning Organization

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