Vol 6, No 3 (2019)

September 2019

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30659/akta.v6i3

Table of Contents


Responsibility Land Office of Semarang City In Terms Contained In Land Multiple Certificates
Nur Ismi Hanifah, Umar Ma’ruf
415 - 424
Juridical Study of Application of Land Based Grants for Children under Age (Minors) In Purwokerto City
Kusdyastuti Pratiwi, Boma Wira Gumilar, Akhmad Khisni
425 - 432
Juridical Studies On Notary Deed Which Can Be Canceled And Void By The Law And Responsibilities Of Notary According To Law
Arif Bahtiar Jefry, Lathifah Hanim
433 - 444
The Role Of The Supervisory Council Notary Territory In Providing Legal Protection For A Notary Who Have Violated The Law Of The Deed Made
Kiki Andriani Samad, Amin Purnawan
445 - 450
Juridical Review of Notary Role in Fiduciary Insurance in PT. Andalan Finance Indonesia (Nasmoco Credit) Semarang
Nurcahyo Pratomo Widodo, Lathifah Hanim
451 - 460
District Land Office Purworejo Role in Efforts To Solve Grants Dispute (Case 32 / Pdt.G / 2018 / PN. Pwr)
Bayun Kismantoro, Akhmad Khisni
461 - 468
Juridical Deed Review Of The Cooperation Agreement To Build Handover (Build Operate And Transfer) Bot Between Government And Private Sector
Desi Wulan Anggraini, Bagus Langgeng Prasetiyo, Anis Mashdurohatun
469 - 476
Notary Role In The Process Of Establishment Limited Liability Company (PT)
Iqbal Rino Akta Pratama, Asep Suherdin, Gunarto Gunarto
477 - 482
Notary Role In Determining Acceptance Or Cancellation Will The Provided In Article 194-209 Islamic Law Compilation
Jita Zahara, Ade Christian Manapa, Arief Cholil
483 - 490
Implementation Role Of Notary Deed Incorporation Of Foundation Making Based On Act No. 28 Of 2004 Regarding The Foundation In The Jepara District
Kanzu Khirzul Yaman, Tasmo Tasmo, Amin Purnawan
491 - 496
Application Of The Principles Of Insurance Law In Fire Insurance Agreements On Credit Guarantees Attached Object Security Rights
Rois Harliyanto, Jawade Hafidz
497 - 502
Land Office Role In Public Awareness Efforts To Increase The Systematic Complete Land Registration In The Demak District
Nur Chamid, Gunarto Gunarto, Moh Priyo Manfaat
503 - 510
Implementation Of The Sale And Purchase Agreement And The Status Of Ownership Of Land Rights At Apartment In Payon Amartha View Of Semarang
Riska Fauziana, Rizal Anugrah Bachriar, Anis Mashdurohatun
511 - 518
Analysis Of Judge's Decision On Notary Tort In South Jakarta District Court (Case Study No. 124/PDT.G/2017/PN.Jkt.Sel)
Ma'ruf Akib, Amin Purnawan
519 - 524
Juridical Review On Process Loading Liability Rights To Land That Has Not Registered In The District Of Semarang
Ika Yulia Ningrum, Anggrin Gayuh Praptiwi, Setyawati Setyawati
525 - 530
Comparison Between The Position Of Adopted Children In Islamic Law Inheritance Based On Islamic Law Compilation (KHI) With The Book Of Civil Law
Agil Aladdin, Akhmad Khisni
531 - 536
Analysis Juridical Notary Role Of Acquisition Of Assets Of The Debtor As An Alternative Solution Loan Loss (Case Study In Bank BNI Branch Semarang)
Muhammad Wildan Mahindra, Ardi Sanditya, Munsharif Abdul Chalim
537 - 542
Honorary Board Of The Regional Competence (DKD) In The Installation Procedures For Nameplate Of Notary In Sukoharjo District
Adi Candra Saputra, Maryanto Maryanto
543 - 548
Transactions Of Agricultural Land Revenue By Act No. 2 Of 1960 On Sharing Agreement In District Anjatan Of Indramayu
Mentari Dessy Wijayanti, Akhmad Khisni
549 - 558
The Judicial Review Of Deed Creation And Validation Process Of Limited Liability Company On Ahu-Online Application System
Antonia Irawan, Fakhrul Wildan, Setyawati Setyawati
559 - 566
The Dispute Settlement over the Ownership of a Double Certificates in Cirebon District Land Office
Bayu Nuraulia, I Nengah Sugiarta, Djauhari Djauhari
567 - 572
Notary Role In Making The Establishment Of The Deed Of Business Cooperation In The Rembang District
Zaenal Arifin, Risky Amalia, Aryani Witasari
573 - 582
Notary Authority to Provide Legal Counseling Service Based On Notary Law and Notary Code in Banjarnegara
Bondan Zakaria Bushido, Risky Eko Novi Artanto, Gunarto Gunarto
583 - 588
Implementation of Legal Theory by Notary in Exercise Its Authority
Mochammed Dzakhy Ariefuddin Dwi Putranda, Wahyu Adhi Admaja, Ngadino Ngadino
589 - 596
Legal Review On Agreement Between Labor With Employers Based On Act No. 13 Of 2003 Concerning Employment In Ud. (Business Trade) Endah Pratama Pati Regency
Iqbal Ghani Morotjono, Sri Herlina, Arief Cholil
597 - 604
Implementation Of Complete Systematic Land Registration (PTSL) In The Village Of Tanjungharjo, Ngaringan Sub-District, Grobogan District
Edo Iranda Novatama, Umar Ma’ruf
605 - 610
Juridical Review Process Completion Code Violation of Notary
Eli Tri Kursiswanti, Yeremias Tony Putrawan, Gunarto Gunarto
611 - 616
Implementation Of Registration Of Transfer Of Rights Reserved Land For Endowments By Permen Atr Bpn No. 2 Of 2017 In Pati Regency
Rubin Pratama, Akhmad Khisni
617 - 626
Legal Consequences Of Truth Ppat Deed Content, Price Transactions And Date Of Tax Deed After The Enactment Validation In The Boyolali District
Istiningsih Istiningsih, Amin Purnawan
627 – 636
Legal Problems In Implementation Deed Of Murobahah Agreement Execution Mortgage At Bank Shariah Mandiri
Muhamad Imanullah, Yogi Setiyo Pamuji
637 – 644
Notary Authority In Establishment Of Limited Liability Company (PT) In The Online Single Submission In Pekalongan City
Fathiyya Haura Geviana, Yusuf Abdurrohman
645 – 650
The Legal Effects Of Deed Creation Of Probate Inheritance That Does Not Match With The Principle Of Absolute Section (A Case Study of Decision No. 539 / Pdt.G / 2012 / PN.Jkt.Bar Jo. Decision No. 477 / Pdt.G / 2014 / PT.DKI)
Pangeran Roeslan Amiril Moekminin, Abdul Haris
651 – 660