The Influence of Position and Number of Longitudinal Connection of Sengon Glulam Beams Towards Strength and Stiffness

Sutarno Sutarno, Prayitno Prayitno, Adreas Triwiyono


The demand of wood as construction material always increases. However, sawn-wood with large size is more difficult to find in the market due to decreasing in stock dimension. In addition, it makes price more expensive. Indonesia has many trees from fast-growing species: however, they have low wood quality, and still limited in usage. To obtain a better performance of fast-growing species as construction material, it needs to be combined to produce glulam. This research observed the influence of position and longitudinal connections of wood glulam beam on strength and stiffness with damage species of sengonglulam beams. Preliminary testing was done to obtain physical and mech