Anis Malik Thoha, Susiyanto Susiyanto


Some languages have played an important role as the medium for the revelation of God to mankind. The existence of such language is to bridge the communication of the Prophet who was sent to his people. Thus, the existence of language as a medium of communication in propaganda is desperately needed between mad’u (object of da'wah) and preachers (actor of da'wah). It is understood that a language other than Arabic, serves as an introduction to preaching to the local non-Arab community. The local non-Arabic language as the language of propaganda has not been used as the way it was. There is a process to be followed, namely what is called by S.M.N. Al-Attas as the concept of Islamisation of Language. Linguistic aspects and translation of Islamic values by using the local language of instruction at least prove that Islam is not synonymous with Arab, although the Arabic is used as the language of science. Even here it appears that Islam tends to appreciate the various expressions of culture, including the linguistic aspects. Local and regional languages, when Islam has been embedded in the hearts of non-Arab nations, have not necessarily been lost and destroyed. On the contrary, these languages have increased in terms of the aspects of ethics, morality, and enrichment of terminological. In this very section, the Islamic education plays an important role in the development of linguistics and literacy, both in terms of the scientific language and medium of introduction for propaganda.


Keywords: Lingua Franca, Islamisation of language, Jawi script, Arabic pegon script.


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